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Strategy oriented to explore much-needed talent of the company as the main goal; To implement a major talent project as the gripper, talent selection, training, use and evaluation incentive for the main direction; To establish a mechanism for talent selection and cultivation; Set up training system; Improve the appraisal incentive mechanism guarantees the realization of human resources strategic objectives.

  Salary and welfare
  Company to the principle of priority to efficiency and due consideration to fairness established internal compensation system, provide challenging and competitive compensation for staff, economic development promotion at the same time in the company, focus on protect the interests of the employees and let the employees enjoy the achievement of the development of the company.
  In according to the provisions of the state for the employees to pay social insurance and housing accumulation fund at the same time, provides a wide variety of programs for employees.
  Society as a whole:
  Endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, birth insurance, unemployment insurance, housing accumulation fund (12% enterprises pay), housing accumulation fund subsidies (enterprise pay 15%)
  College students' apartment, rent subsidies, transportation subsidies, subsidies summer high temperature and high skills, special type of work subsidies, subsidies in night shift, mobile phones, paid vacation, home leave, wedding leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, leave for breast-feeding, leave for family care, family planning operation false, female employees special holiday, difficult employees living subsidies, the degree and supplementary medical insurance, etc.

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